10 Anti-Bullying Tactics for Your Classroom

In honor of bullying prevention month, throughout October we’ll be outlining various methods you can use to fight the continuing bullying problem.

Today, frequent TeachHUB.com contributor Janelle Cox lays out 10 ways that educators can prevent bullying in their classrooms. Some samples:

  • ·      Set bully boundaries like incentivizing good and positive behavior.
  • ·      Assign some no-bully projects like writing a play or creating a pamphlet to distribute throughout the school.
  • ·      Encourage bystanders to come forward by empowering them to report problematic behavior that they encounter.

Teachers can play a very important role in creating an anti-bullying atmosphere. It’s paramount that they lead by observing and intervening when they can.

Meanwhile, remember that TeachHUB.com is a go-to resource when looking for anti-bullying material. Here are some evergreen resources we’ve compiled over the years:

Did you know that TeachHUB’s in-service professional development program can include an anti-bullying focus?  

In a TeachHUB in-service day, teachers will participate in various anti-bullying activities and learn strategies they can use to help prevent and intervene with bullying behavior and participate in modeled exercises to create self-awareness within a child.

Teachers will learn how other educators are encouraging anti-bullying behavior in and outside of the classroom across the country.

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