Using Children’s Literature as Anti-Bullying Material

October is Bullying Prevention Month, so throughout the course of the next few weeks, will be examining various ways educators can address this continuing problem.

Today, frequent contributor Janelle Cox looks at the ways that popular children’s literature can be used to prevent bullying behavior.

Noting that plotlines of recent books often tackle intimidation issue, she notes that anti-bullying devices can improve a students’ ability to sympathize, emphasize, and respect others.

Some popular titles to use in your class to address bullying:

  • ·      “Bootsie Barker Bites” by Barbara Bottner
  • ·      “Super Emma” by Sally Warner
  • ·      “The Boy in the Dress” by David Williams
  • ·      “The Girls” by Amy Goldman Koss

Literature is a great and beneficial way to support anti-bullying efforts. Kids will relate to characters who are bullied within the texts, and they’ll discover new and unique ways to address the issue. The books mention above can positively make a difference in the lives of your students.

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