Why I Changed My Major and Why It’s Important

I decided to change my major to legal studies because it is my dream job is to become a lawyer.
What is one of the scariest things you can do as a college student? For me, it was changing my major. It was a tough decision, especially because I knew that by changing my major I was going to prolong my time in school. I decided I could no longer sell myself short. I aspire to be greater and I am happy I made the change sooner rather than later.
I was dealt a challenging hand in my youth, so there was not much time for self-discovery. According to others in my life, school or success was not in my future. In my late teens, I became a manager, so I decided to enroll in Herzing's business management program, mainly to prove a point to those who had doubted me. I wanted to do something that was not going to take a lot of time, so I did not enroll in the field that I have always envisioned myself in: legal studies.
As I matured, I learned that being fast and selfish was not the key to becoming successful. No matter what the situation is, there’s a price that comes with being anxious to move so quickly. I did not feel that I was being true to myself, and I felt that I would ultimately regret my career choice.
I decided to change my major to legal studies because it is my dream job is to become a lawyer. My experiences in life lead me to believe that my purpose is to help others. I love to read, investigate, conduct research and write. I always act as a voice in defense for both myself and others.
My mission is to receive my Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies so that I can continue my education and receive my Juris Doctor degree. I also plan to someday become a motivational speaker. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams, no matter how long it takes, because it is worth putting in the time.
I do not regret making this decision; it was a risk worth taking. Patience is one major virtue that is required to get through life. Yes, we will all experience hard times, but that does not mean the road ends. I find ways to stay clear of distractions and signs that seem to say “detour.” Instead, I focus on goals that allow me to see my future clearer. My mistakes and accomplishments are my life story. I am operating with a clear view and I am driving towards success while no longer worried about what is my rearview. My advice is to continue to make your best decisions and move forward; do not bother looking behind you. Life is what you make it and your past does not define you.
Changing my field of study has brought peace to my heart. I have a new motivation that is led by self-encouragement. I cherish every moment that I spend studying in the midnight hours. I stand strong in my faith in myself, so I will forever override discouragement.
When it is all said and done, I will cry tears of joy because I am living out my purpose.

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